The Diva Cup is a reusable alternative to  other menstrual options!
It features...

  • 12 hour leak-free protection
  • Made of heathcare grade silicone
  • Does not contain any Latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer, polyethylene, and free of colours and dyes! 
  • Reusable & eco-friendly! No waste, No chemicals!
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Our Services


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What We Offer:

  • Free male, female, latex-free & flavored condoms, lube & dental dams 
  • Diva Cups $35 each
  • Tampons & Pads
  •  A baby changing station stocked with diapers & wipes
  • Free computer, printer access & WIFI
  • A free resource room (borrow books and videos)
  • Community resources and information
  • Compassionate peer counseling and support
  • Self-care items (when available)
  • Free snacks, coffee, tea and other beverages (when available)
  • Children's toys & books
  • Lounge area, social and study space
  • A place to breastfeed
  • Up-to-date Website
  • Women's Only Swims at the Ben Avery Pool (in collaboration with Campus Recreation)
  • On and off-campus events

The Laurentian University Women's Centre offers a wide range of services to staff and students. We continue to grow and thrive each and every year. Here is a list of some of the services we currently offer as well as our initiatives for the future!