Our place in the community:

The LUWC is passionate about being involved in campaigns and initiatives concerning women's issues. 

We have volunteer representatives who attend and participate in meetings to represent and share the voice of the LUWC collective at Laurentian University.

As a Centre, we are a part of:

  • Equity, Diversity and Human Rights Office (EDHRO)/ Le Bureau de l’équité, de la diversité et des droits de la personne (BEDDP)

  • Laurentian University's Presidential Advisory Committee on the Status of Gender Equity

We also value our community partners and strive to continue to be involved in community events and initiatives.

The Women's Centre is always seeking new, active volunteers to help keep the Centre open, update resources, join in on collective decisions, promote and support Centre events and campaigns amongst other things!

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Women's Centre des Femmes

Mission Statement and Mandate:

The goal of the Women’s Centre is to educate, sensitize and create awareness of women’s issues while working towards a more egalitarian environment for students, staff and faculty. This is done through social events, open forums, protests, fundraisers, film presentations, workshops and seminars. The Laurentian University Women’s Centre reaches out to all students, staff and faculty to work toward the eradication of harassment, discrimination, violence and racism.

​The Centre provides resources and referrals for everyone and offers a safe, comfortable environment for all women to seek solutions and make informed choices. The Women's Centre works to promote healthy lifestyles and choices for all women in the Laurentian community. 

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Who We Are:

The LUWC recognizes the diversity and uniqueness of ALL women. The Centre is run by volunteers who, working as a collective, have equal voices in the decisions and policies made within the Centre. We aim to work, congregate and think in unprejudiced and non-oppressive manners. 

We are a not-for-profit service offered at Laurentian University whose mission is to provide information, peer support, referrals, education, and to sensitize and create awareness of women's issues as we work towards a more egalitarian environment for students, staff, and faculty.